Customizing a Plan

How One Family Got the Home They Wanted

We'll consider a build job that we recently completed. This particular customer liked the Mulberry 2782 plan - especially the main floor. They were looking for something a little different upstairs, however. Here's a list of things they wanted to consider:

Base Mulberry 2782 Upper Level


The buyers wanted everything already included base floorplan, plus they wanted to add an extra bath and increase the size of the master suite. This means we need more space.

Increasing the size of the footprint can be tricky, and there are a few factors to consider:

The Footprint

We needed to add some space without drastically changing the exterior and other levels of the house. We added a cantilever on the back of the home, we bumped out the side wall that is over the garage, and we pushed two inset walls out a bit on the front.

The Master Suite

The plan was designed around the master suite, partly because of its priority, and partly because of its size and complexity - it contains 4 of the 10 rooms on the floor. The master bedroom itself didn't change much - it got just a bit smaller.

In the bathroom, we ended up with a luxury tile step in shower, a 6' jetted tub, and a private water closet with a space saving pocket door. The buyers opted for granite tops on their dual vanities, they added a linen closet, and upgraded to tile flooring.

The master closet is bigger - it has 6 different shelves. Accessing the closet from the bathroom keeps the messyness out of bedroom, allowing for less cluttered decorating. And the closet is connected to the laundry - just as requested.

Adding a Mini-Suite

This left us with a big corner next to the master bedroom and stairway - a perfect place to put a mini suite for their daughter. A small 3/4 bathroom will work great, and it leaves us with a great space for a nice sized closet.

Finishing Touches

The remaining two bedrooms, loft and bathroom are very similar in size and function to the original plan.

Final Comparison

Base Mulberry 2782

Customized Floorplan