The Cottonwood 1656

  • Asset 4
    Square Feet: 1,656
  • Asset 6
    Bedrooms: 2
  • Asset 5
    Bathrooms: 2

The Cottonwood 1656 includes all of our typical design principles in a smaller package.  The open concept living area is ideal for any size family.  The plan features a generous master suite, a beautiful custom kitchen, lots of entry storage, and a standard three-car garage.

Common Upgrades

Choose from multiple exterior elevations
Add a finished basement
Upgrade vinyl flooring to LVP
Upgrade railing to wrought iron
Add melamine shelving to the pantry

Floorplans & Elevations

Want to change something?

All of Sharper Homes’ floorplans are customizable. Learn more about our customization process.  

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